Friday, August 26, 2011


    I believe this one has to make with the folk/pagan ancient tribes . Varg Vikernes (Burzum), will release at 5th of December his book "Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia"  . The content is dedicated to the topic tribes, religions , myths of the ancient Scandinavia land and the inspiration to the other european cultures .


   Muster beer company, decided to create the ":Amon Amarth Ragnarok" Beer.
 At the image you can see the bottle design of the beer.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011



     Eluveitie says :
Starting with the launch of our new website in early September, EluTV will provide you with unique behind the scenes material in dozens of episodes! The first season will be focusing on our 2010/2011 world tour.

Monday, August 22, 2011


    Here is the track list of "One for Sorrow":

1. Inertia
2. Through the Shadows
3. Song of the Blackest Bird
4. Only One Who Waits
5. Unsung
6. Every Hour Wounds
7. Decoherence
8. Lay the Ghost to Rest
9. Regain the Fire
10. One for Sorrow


     Kawir says : Kawir has just finished the recording process of a new album. The material consists of 8 tracks, lasting about 55 minutes and it is called "Isotheos". The line up which completed this release consists of: Phaesphoros - Vocals, guitars, traditional wooden pipes; Therthonax - Guitars, kanonaki; Tamerlan - Bass, acoustic guitars; Ormenos - Drums and percussion. Stay tuned for more info.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Turisas :
We are pleased to announce the support bands for the upcoming UK headline tour, which will start on 27 October 2011.
Violinist OLLI VÄNSKÄ: “We’re glad to be able to announce what we feel is a really strong support package for the UK shows – both bands have been to the UK before but probably haven’t yet had the exposure they deserve – we’ll try to change that! Make sure you get down to the shows early to experience something a little bit different!”
The support bands will be cult Taiwanese metallers CHTHONIC, plus fellow Finns KIUAS. The tour consists of 17 dates, including 2 co-headline gigs with Devin Townsend Project and appearance at Leeds’ Damnation Festival. The dates on the tour are as follows:

(NB Please remember that neither Chthonic nor Kiuas will be appearing with us at Leeds Damnation Festival, or the Belfast and Dublin shows – but please check locally for details nearer the time, in case this changes)


27.10. – Brighton Concorde 2

28.10. – Bristol O2 Academy 2

29.10. – Plymouth White Rabbit

31.10. – Norwich Waterfront
02.11. – Newcastle Northumbria Uni
03.11. – Glasgow Garage
 (*changed date*)
04.11. – Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall

05.11. – Leeds (Damnation Festival)
07.11. – Belfast Limelight (co-headline with Devin Townsend)

08.11. – Dublin Whelans (co-headline with Devin Townsend)

09.11. – Wrexham Central Station

10.11. – Sheffield Corporation

12.11. – Cardiff University SU, The Great Hall 2

13.11. – Reading Sub 89

15.11. – Southampton Uni Garden Court

16.11. – Leicester Sub 91
17.11. – Manchester Academy 3

In addition to this UK tour, Turisas headlines a show in London already on 11 October: the band is playing at HMV Forum on “Heidenfest” package tour along with Finntroll, Alestorm, Arkona and others.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


   According Sami's statement : Wacken ROCKED!!!!! Thank you! :) Next week we continue arranging new songs and record new demo versions of them. The future looks very good! ;)

   So we hope once again for the best  from our favourite band ! And we are waiting for more news from the ex-belly king and now Kebab King (as his majesty said) . Folk on!


      Time has come for the greek legendary pioneers of pagan black metal to show their majestic inspiration once again with the upcoming release.For that reason Therthonax will answer on some questions! Stay informed and true!


                                                       DRUMS RECORDING

Sunday, August 14, 2011


1) Hello there Kirril! Thanks for your time . Tell me the news of Last Wail !

News - we are recording new track (it`s titled - Blood rivers for the Countess). It`s about Elizabeth Bathory - blood,
virgins - you know :) + we are prepairing to the record of our second album. Our vocalist in the California now, so
we have a rest.

2)How Last Wail formed ? Tell me the history of the band!

-Last Wail band was formed in the end of 2008. Our first show was in spring 2009. Typical history - composer (i - in our case)
loved music and decided to try to make something too. All musicians were founded and we began to work. Of course were problems,
but now (i think :) everythings good. We tried to play with bagpipe, flute, but .. you know - it`s difficuilt when there are
a lot of man in the band. But i play whistle somethimes, and - may be i`ll play on concerts too.Only Goods know what wiil be.
In 2010 we`ve signed to the label and in 2011, 1st jule - we have release. Lazar (arkona) mixed that, and we like how it`s sound.

3)What about your records?

-Nowadays we have a demo and 1 album. So distinctions - demo - sound sucks, not "true" violas, flutes. + some riffs are different fromour album.
We have 12 tracks, prepaired to rec, so - its be cool album, we can`t wait for this.

4)Tell me about your inspirations 

-Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Finntroll . Bands that play not fashionable music (alternative etc) - it`s our inspiration.

5)Any show you have already lined up ?.

- So, how i said - our vocalist in USA and we not play on shows now, but to autumn we are prepairing somethin.

6)Tell me your future plans !

 - We want to play in Europe. It`s difficuilt to get there, but we`ll try. Just Wait for 2nd album, - you`ll like it.

7)Thank you for your time. Anything last you want to say to the readers ?

-Don`t give up!

Saturday, August 13, 2011


  1)Hello Johannes glad to talk with you . Tell me the news of Tulikirnu.


Thanks a lot for this opportunity. I´m working with the new song. Its atmosphere is a sort of combination of my two previous songs ( Path & Sword).

This song seeks to create a vivid cinematic feeling.

I also working with new material which is more brutal and fast.

I think these were the news in brief from Tulikirnu...

2)How you decided to create this project ?

I have dreamed of composing really epic metal music that is heavily based on orchestrations since I was a teenager.

I started with playing the drums and carried on with the guitar and piano. The years passed and my musical interests were pressed in the background.
Later I started actively to train guitar-playing and musical theory. Pieces of songs started to compile in my computer and now it's time to harvest
and transform them into songs. In 2010, I began co-operation with Sami Boman to produce high quality orchestrations. The co-operation worked just fine,
Sami worked out beautiful orchestrations from my midi-chaos and finally we were so satisfied that we could go to the studio for recording for the first
time in my life.Our co-opearation continues. Also in 2010, Dr H.T. and me started our collaboration with lyrics.

3)Are thinging about get signed on a record label or you would like to go ahead as independent ?

This is good question!

It´s really expensive to do even one song with a high quality, so getting external funding is naturally attractive.
But on the other hand, the external funding would probably bring tight schedules with it and that is not so good thing for me or the quality of songs.

4)Ok I found on the internet one song of your project "Path " . There are and other tracks that are not uploaded yet?

Yes, there is one song called Sword, you can find it or Tulikirnu Facebook

5)Tell me about your main influenced and the lyricall inspiration of your music!
My basic principle has always been that lyrics need to serve the musical solutions. Still, I invest a lot of time and effort in developing a narrative

vision for each of my songs. I give this vision to Dr H.T. and he works out the final lyrics.
He likes to use descriptive words to paint a graphic picture of the story of the song and the mental world of its main character.
To finish the song, I do the arrangements.

6)And what about your guitars ? Are so perfect and in my opinion the best design for a folk metal band. Are incredible!
I have always appreciated craftmanship and design and at last I found a guitar-maker (Amfisound) that was both able and willing to deliver

exactly what I want.

7)Were readers/fans/people can find your music ?
and Tulikirnu Facebook

8)I believe we have to close with this Anything special that would you like to say ?
Thanks a lot Johannes!!

Be patient and stay tuned. I prepare new material all the time. Since I am highly ambitious, it takes time :) Still, one day there will be
enough "hot" material for a live performance!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


    You can now pre-order your T-shirt via sending a message on the follow link . The cost is different from size to size..
S size : 13 e.
M size : 13e.
L size : 15e.
XL size: 18e.
XXL size:18e.
Pre order via sending a message here :

Monday, August 8, 2011


1) Hello Sebastian ! Pleasure to talk with you ! How the band goes now ? Tell me your news !

Hello! And likewise! With the band everything goes great! We are currently in the studio recording the new album. As a matter of fact I'm answering your question between the guitar recordings. The recording are so far going very good! Drums and bass, which are already recorded, already sound awesome! The new CD will be a concept album about the Germanic tribe of the Batavians, a tribe that lived for approximately 2000 years ago in the land what we with Heidevolk call our home land. We have no official release date yet, but we are going for early 2012.

2) What Heidevolk means and which is the main theme and inspiration of your lyrics?

Heidevolk means people of the Heathland and it has a double meaning. First of all we have in our homelands one of the biggest heathland nature reservations from Europe. So with Heidevolk we are in fact those people from the heathland. The other meaning is that when christianity came to our lands about 1500 years ago, it settled first in the cities. The people in the countryside that lived on the heathlands (Heide) kept their pagan believes a little bit longer, and from that point on 'Heathen' (Heiden) also got the meaning for a person still hanging on the the old faith. And since with Heidevolk we sing about the old pagan beliefs this meaning fits us as well.
Inspiration we get mainly from the history from our lands. Times when paganism still was the main believe here, folktales, legends, sagas and also nature. We have some big parts of nature right at our doorstep, we love to roam around in there and from there we also get a lot of inspiration.

3) Tell me about your influences! 

Our music influences we get from a very broad spectrum of music. Since all of our bandmembers like different kinds of music. Mainly metal though but also folkmusic and old rock. So our influences differ from old school rock to grindcore, from powermetal to folkmusic and I myself am also a big Foo fighters fan as well.

4) Tell me the review of your last album !

The reaction to our last album “uit oude grond” were terrific. We experimented with a louder, heavier and more bombastic sound, which comes closer to our live-sound. We are very happy that our fans reacted on this new sound and for the next album we will try to make an even more heavier sound.

5) Any plans for a new album ?
Like I have said before, the new album will be a concept album about the Batavian tribe. In history the Roman writer Tacitus wrote down a lot about the tribe. Living at the border of the roman empire they worked together with the Romans but after a few years they revolted, took up arms and this ended in a long battle.
Concerning the music I can tell you that the new album will be more faster, harder and more metal then our last album. The folk spirit, and the typical Heidevolk choir-vocals are still there of course but the overall sound of the songs are more aggressive.
The drums are recorded in the Abyss Studio in Sweden and the rest will be recorded in the Netherlands, finally the production will be done by Peter Tägtgren – know from productions for Dimmu borgir, Children of Bodom, Overkill and many more.

6) Any plan for concerts this summer ?

Since we are so busy with the new album that we didn't have much time for many shows. But still we have done some good shows and there are some nice ones to come like Party San open air, Burgfolk and Wolfszeit festival.

 7) Were people can find your music and information about Heidevolk ?

Music people can find in any CD store, and on our Myspace.
More information can also be found on our website and on our Facebook:

8) 8) Any last thing you want to say to the readers/viewers?fans ? 

Thank you all! Be sure to check out our new CD when it's out in the beginning of 2012 and I hope to see you all at our liveshows!

Thanks a lot Sebastiaan :-) Have a great day!

Thank you too! Thank you for the interview!
All the best, Sebas!



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