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1)Hello Viktor, thanks for your time! Tell me Brymir's news!!!

1) Hello! We are ofcourse very happy for finally releasing the album and getting such good response! Now we're waiting for confirmation for some of gigs and we are already writing new material. 
2) So tell me about the history of the band!!! I remember you from a great cover of "Token Of Time !!! And a couple days ago I heard about your new album !!!

2) Haha! That cover was where everything begun, back in 2006. We did that cover and enjoyed playing together so much that we formed what now is known as Brymir. We started working really hard and here we are!!
3)What about your name ? Has got any roots or something like that ? 
3) Brymir is a mixture of two concepts from Norse mythology. Brimir; a hall where the gods and fallen heroes celebrate for all eternity after Ragnarök, and Ymir; the ancient frost giant from whose corpse our world came into being.

4)Tell me a few things about your new album! Are you on a record label ? [I believe in Spinefarm and if yes how difficult or easy is to make contract with a big music company in Finland?]
  4) The album consists of songs ranging from the first months of the bands existence to songs finnished just before the recording sessions, some quite different styles and influences can be heard. The recording and mixing of the album was very tough work and recordings alone took over 3 long months, but it was a very rewarding period and we developed so much as individual musicans and as a group.
And yes, we are signed to Spinefarm! I don't think it's much easier to get signed in Finland than elsewhere, but in our case Spinefarm offered us the record deal after hearing some demos online and seeing us live.
5) Tell me about your gigs! Any tour is on time ? :-) 
5)Well, right now we only have one confirmed gig (opening for Moonsorrow, huge honor!) and waiting for final confirmation for a couple of open air events in June. No tours booked yet but it might be possible later this year!
6) Tell about the main influences and the inspirations of the lyrics!
6) To quote a song of ours:
"You can't deny the presence of untruthful statements
Made to bind the fear within the mind
Made to blind, to cover the eyes
From seeing the layers and layers of lies"

One dimension of our lyrics is reflecting on the problems our world is facing today; corruption, environmental issues and peoples ignorance, their sheeplike manner and their inability to stand up against tyranny, and at some point, this fragile world is going to fall in on itself on both environmental and social levels. I think this is the most important message, but there are other themes in our lyrics aswell, you should read them! ;)
7) Thanks for your time Viktor!!! So people were can find you and your music??? :-) Anything last you want to say to the fans / readers ? Have a great day !!! Thank's a lot for your time!!!
7) European release date of the album is set to 20.5, but should be avalible on iTunes, Spotify and similar at least in Europe! I heard from a US fan that he couldn't find our tracks anywhere yet, but this should be resolved on the date i mentioned. Before that you can order Breathe Fire to the Sun here: !
Meanwhile, you can follow us on our pages across the internet!

Thanks to you, Paul!

Stand up for what you truly believe in!!
Stay metal! 



  1. I can not be mistaken, the third smaller pic of the article IS with the Super Mahi Toivonen!!!


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