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1) Tell me the news of Enslaved! How the band goes ?

Bekkis - Well I will say. Ivar have written some new songs and they sound promising. Apart from that we will play several festivals during the summer, and then a new US-tour during the fal

2)What reviews had your upcoming E.P ?

Bekkis - Havent read too many actually, but the ones I have read have been positive

3)As you said you will play a couple shows during the summer and a U.S tour , appart from that any tour at winter or in 2012 ?

Bekkis - Working on it, but nothing have been set yet.

4)New album release or something like that ?

Bekkis - Maybe in a years time . But nothing set yet.

5) But if you can , describe the new stuff with three words...for the fans of yours .

Bekkis - Innovative , fresh and exciting .

6)As you said fresh , that one will reminds other releases or it would be a new stuff on your discography ?

Bekkis - We always try to never copy ourself, so a fresh attitude yes.

7) As I am from Greece,and here there are a lot of Enslaved's fans , have you ever noticed to play a couple of shows here ?

Bekkis - We've tried to do some festivals in Greece, but the organizers have not done their job.For instance getting us planetickets, so unfortunately we were not able to do the gigs
We are not to blame though.

8) So I am out of questions , any last thing you want to say to your fans ?

Bekkis - Thanx for checking out Enslaved, we will continue to release albums
hopefully og high quality.


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Please vote Fferyllt for playin' in the Black Troll Winterfest ! 
The voting starts on Monday  25th July. 
For more information you can check out those sites !

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1)First of all Roman thanks for your time!!!! Tell me the news of the Arafel :-) What are you doin' right now ?

 Roman : so
firs of all thank U!!!! and if im making some mistakes when im writing its becouse im abit drunk:) but its good for u cuz u can ask wharewer u want:)
in this time we taking some brake and resting abit with Israeli sun:)
some of us ofcourse
and some in Germany drinking beer,and prepering for the next gigs:)

2)Are you right now with an Arafel's member? So with my side I have to wish you a great summer :D

   Roman : No we are  living in different city's but we speaking on the phone every day:)

thanq and wish u Rocking summer too:)

Thanks a lot :-) ! So how Arafel started ? What is the Arafel's connection with Equilibrium ? You are friends from the past or just you coppurate each other ?

  Roman : OK ,so Arafel started with the drummer Leshiy,about 10 years ago,then Felius (the guitar player) joined the band so basicly this is the original Arafel from the start,then there was many mambers that was coming and going,i joined the band (by wikipedia)
in 2006 but i dont remember real year but i was about 19.Then in some month Nasha (the violin player ) come over
we did some gigs,and after year or something our singer and rythm guitar player left the band (they hade they own band) so we started to serch for new singer,our violin player knew Helge from some Festivals before
and she hade mail of Helge so felius contacted him and Helge was interested in our music.

3)Do you mean you had only to communicate with Helge and he accepted your invitation ??
  Roman : basicly yes,ofcourse we sended him some songs of ours to listen to and to get the idea of the band
and what we doing.

4)So good. Tell me a few words about your releases.

 Roman : We have three full albums and have been recorded in Poland .the last one witch my favorite and we all very proud of,is recorded also in poland with Helge we worked long time on this alboum the music done by Felius(gutarist).We worked at Gerz Studios!The people that they worked with us are 2 brothers Wojtek and Slawek they are master in what they doing they worked also with such bands like Behemoth,Crionic,Decapitated,Hate,Vader and many more!And we are proud of ourselfs!

5)That's also the next question I have to do !!! Your last album was a masterpiece! So great songs ! Hard work ! What reviews took from Europe .
 Roman : People love it:) we took 9 from 10 almost in every review that we cheked:)ofcourse in Europe we are new band but just give us some time and we'll show u stuff that u cant imagine too ur self. Also we didn't play a lot of shows,so every show of us its better and better [paganfest,ragnarock,metalfest] It was new for us . So we did as best as we can new becoming band in Europe.

6)You answered at a way for the next question. About your live shows! As I can see you have played in major Europian stages! That makes the band more and more well known . Right ?
  Roman : yes ofcourse,!!!!!every day more and more ppl get to know us,and asking to come to different countrys and play show,and also as u can see we love it my personal facebook is open to every one as well as the rest members,add us add Arafel page and also if we not playing u can chat with us and ask everything about the band and etc.Also Aarafel after each show coming to the crowd and chating to ppl we love it,the same way that they love us. we doing our best that ppl will enjoy and have fun at the show

7)That's the meaning! In this way everyone will love you !! And that's the best! That the crowd loves you! How difficult is to make a band in Israel ? As I know things are hard there from goverments side...Also I have read somewhere , your opinion about the hatered of  some people to your nation. I read that you as Arafel play music in order to explain your feelings and to give a big example of music that unites the nation ! Your personal opinion of the topic , wich is ?

 Roman : ok ,i can tell u that 4 of the members coming from soviet union some from Ukraine some from Russia some from Uzbekistan and we all meet in israel in some point and as u know Helge from Germany (im dying for this country best country in the world) ,so music dont have colour only BLACK metal heheheheeh but still its music there is no nation also music unite different ppl and i saw it with my eyes. As far people enjoyng it and not making "ah this band is this and this band is this" Our point is enjoy us we do,and dont give a fuck about politics and rest of shit . Leave the politic to politshens.

8) Really great your word!!!!!! I totally agree with you ! Hope you haven't received any negative review for this in the rest Europe!

 Roman : hhhhh,i say "MUSIC IS MY BUSSINESS" live the rest for the other people.

9)Indeed :-) You are right! So explain me something cheerfull hahaha ! What actually Arafel means ? :-)

  Roman : ok Arafel in hebrew mean fog!!

10) Ok, we have done with this...Hmmm any thoughts of a new release ?

  Roman : yes ofcourse:)!!!!!!hahahaha but I cant say nothing ,but it will be somethin really special:) trust me its something that ppl didnt hear before.

11)So brother I have a few more questions just to close with this interview. I live in Greece and your name have been heared to the little folk metal communion very times! If it was on your hand would you like to visit us dew to a festival or a simple show or as support with another band ? :-)

  Roman :yes ofcourse,i also have some projects,some band from Greece contacted me i will not tell the name cuz its too soon,but maybe in some motnh ill play some shows in Greece with that band and hoppe to see u there and bang ur head with me:) and ofcourse drink some beer:)!

12) Any live show in the future?
  Roman : yes we hope to play at Israel we didnt play about 3 years here

13) Thank you for your great interview , anything last you want to say to the fans/readers ? :-)

  Roman :         to fans from me (Romashka) make sex use condomse and enjoy ur life with out u we nothing!!!!!!!!! be ur self cuz it all FUCKING ROCK'N'ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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  Roman , the bassist of the Israelli-German folk metal band "Arafel" will spread his word about this band and he will answer in a coupple of questions about their music! Stay informed and of course FOLK!!!


Here you can read the important interview from the frontman of the Russian Melodic Death Metal band "Elzevir" . Prepare for a great change of feelings! Things that you don't know about Elzevir shall be known from this interview !!! 

1)Hello Alex! Tell me about the new release of Elzevir and about the new of your band!

1. Yeah hello Paul!
Elzevir's new album is called "Rise From Knees". It was recorded in 2009-2010 and released only in 2011. It's hardly symphonic melodic and really epic metal album. So check this out =)

And new about a band... Well we haven't updated our myspace and facebook page since 2010 and thats funny but...
band doesn't exist anymore. To be honest it happened after recording album. Yeah! In jan-fab of 2010.
The reason - guys in a band are toooo different. All goals, feelings and dreams were really differ. This led to conflicts and worsening of mood.
Personally for me all this shit became a huge stumbling block and lost of inspiration. I wanted to play music instead of stupid showdowns on rehearsals.
I was really depressed... So I quited the band leaving them with all the written music and have started process of regeneration in my solo studio project Enimor.

And then the band began to self-destruct. So in a month or two they split up.
My friend and guitarist in Elzevir Oleg had tried to continue with Elzevir but it was not successful... So band doesn't exist. That's news about Elzevir =)

2)How the band formed?

2. I decided to form a band in March of 2007 or smth like that. It called Hogwarts and we played more folkish metal with lyrics about Harry Potter and all this magic stuff.
Process of searching musicians was long.

So in a 2007 band was:
Alex Louder - vocals, rhythm guitar, music
Eugene - lead guitar.
Andrew Morgunov (Gudrone) - bass
Ilia and Mary - Keys
Ran- drums

And in december 2007 - february 2008 we had 3 or 4 gigs.
At the same time I was recording demo album with Eugene and Gudrone. Than in march Ann replaced Mary. and Serge Korchagin(Ivor) replaced Ran on a drums.

Than in May 2008 til may 2009 I was in army. For this moment I asked my friend Oleg to play rhythm guitar and Gudrone to sing.
After my return I realized that Oleg is a really cool dude - so I started just sing.
And than we changed Hogwarts name on Elzevir because all this Harry Potter theme were too narrow for lyrics.
Then Kolyan replaced Eugene on Lead guitar. And we began to record "Rise from Knees" in august of 2009.

So Elzevir is:
Alex Louder - vocals, music
Oleg Ledvich - rhythm guitar
Andrew Morgunow - bass
Kolyan Dmitriev - lead guitar
Ilia and Ann - keys
Sergei Korchagin - drums

3)What is your opinion about your new release ?

3. Well I think that "Rise from knees" is a good album. We all did a good job and I'm happy that this album is out. Even it happend after band collapse.
I would like to thank Alexander Pankratov for great job at studio.

4)What "Elzevir" means ? 

4. Hmmm what Elzevir means... It's a difficult question. Oleg find this name, it sounded cool. So we decided to take that name instead of Hogwarts. But if you try to google it you will find that Elzevir is a family of Dutch booksellers and printers in 17-18 century.
So our album "Rise From Knees" is kinda book. The End of our band's story and beginning of new life.

5)Which is your lyricall and musicall inspiration ? 

5. Oh thank you Paul! I've waited for this question to be honest =)
Inspiration in music and lyrics is very very important! And it can be anything - nature, morning sun, rain (of that day =)), people relationships, smoking and alcohol, films, cartoons and everything that surrounds us in a life.
It's like signes and signals. Music flows in air. You breath it. You live in it. And you love it. For me music is not just combination of notes. It's feelings and experiences. It changes your life and develops imagination.
Music is like sound photo that captures YOU in time.

6)Were people can find your music ? 

6. You can find it in internet. Torrents and lots of sites.
Oh yeah=) By the way we get signed with small russian metal label "Metal Renaissance". So in Russia and some other countries you can buy a CD. If you are representing a label and want to sell "Rise from Knees" in your country please write to

7) Any last thing you want to say to the fans/readers/views ?

7.  Thank you guys for interested in our band. If you want to talk with me feel free to mail me or just add at

and a little bit of selfcommercial:)
I've started new band called Burning Edge. It's symphonic epic melodeath metal. Album out soon and blah blah) So stay in touch.

Alex really good news :-) Hope the best from my heart!!!!!!! And thanks a lot about the interview! Hope you all the best!!!!!!! Waiting for your new melodies! Cheers :-) !


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In order to show my respect to the memory of Valfra , I decided to upload the hole DVD of Sognametal . Hope you like it .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

LAST WAIL - The Tale Of Endless Night .

1st of June our label has released the debut album of folk/melodic death metal band LAST WAIL from Omsk city. The album is entitled The Tale Of Endless Night.
It is demo-album recorded in 2009 later remastered by Lazar (Arkona) with new design. The cover made by French artist David Lecossu.
The album is released for world-wide distribution. The release for Russia and CIS countries belongs to PEREKRESTOK records.



 Arkona's statement : Arkona will play in Romania at the Transylvanian Rockmaraton on the 9th of july, this Saturday. See more infos about the festival on! We planned 2 more gigs in Bucharest and Cluj Napoca after the festival, to play finally more shows in Romania. The promoter of the Bucharest / Cluj Napoca gigs, a guy called Alex / Metal Maniac Agency dissapeared 3 weeks before the show without signing the contracts, providing the agreed conditions, especially the invitations what we need to get into Romania. He also did not booked the venues, or did any promotion about the agreed shows. Thanks to the serious promoters of the Transylvanian Rockmaraton gig, at least we were able to keep the show on that festival. We are very sorry about that instead of the planned small mini tour in Romania we will play only 1 show, but we hope to meet you there! People from all Romania are welcome on the festival!

 Also you can pre-order the new forthcoming album of Arkona which is entitled "Slovo" from the official site of the band  [ ]  . This album will be released via Napalm Records .



   It all started in late 2006 in Barcelona, when Guillem (guitars and clean vocals) decided to found a new band with a different aim than his previous one, a heavy metal band where he played together with Sergi (bass) and Victor (drums). First he just thought about it as a musical project, together with Victor and Toni, a guy from his school who had a hell of a voice. But in the end Sergi (bass) joined, since they had been playing together in his previous band and the search for the missing members started. It wasn’t until Jordi (guitars), a guy from St Cugat, a town near Barcelona, found a message in a web site about a Metal band from Barcelona looking for a guitarist and a keyboardist that band was completed. The rest of the band asked Jordi if he knew any keyboard players and he remembered that Ivó (synths) used to play the piano before playing drums in a band together with other friends of him. So he just asked him and he agreeded. The first rehearsals had started without the last 2 members, but all of them started working together very smoothly, and from that point Jordi also helped Guillem with the compositions and specially on the lyrics.

From this point the first compositions started and the band started practicing some of the songs. In Summer 2007 they started to record a demo song called “Twilight” at Jordi’s house. It took quite a lot of time, but finally it was completed and it recieved very good critics. In Autum 2007 the band started playing gigs in different local venues in Barcelona and surroundings and it was in this period when the band noticed that the German band Equilibrium were organising a contest whose winner would participate in their forthcoming album “Sagas”. They didn’t have many hopes, but in the end they recorded a vocal cover of “Der Sturm” and they also sent their own song “Twilight”. Finally they won the contest and during December they travelled to Hellion Studios Munchen, where they recorded some parts in 2 of the songs, both in the vocal parts.

By then, some changes occurred in the band, our former drummer Victor and our former keyboard player Ivó left the band. Victor was replaced by another great drummer, Aleix, and the band decided not to look for another keyboard player since the orchestrations were far too complex to be played by just one person. The 4th of October of 2008, Karlahan flew to Munich to play at the Helion Festival. This boosted the band one step forward in their live performances and made it possible to broaden their popularity. They played together with bands like Equilibrium, Helfahrt, Sycronomica, Dark Seed, Varg...

2009 is a new year for Karlahan and this means a change in few aspects of the band. They have really forgotten the "folk thing" in their music, and have developed it in a more experimental way, always keeping the orchestral parts mixed with all kinds of metal (melodic death metal, black metal, progressive metal, thrash metal...). So no more folk metal. Their aim is to make orchestral metal in a more original way, experimenting with new sounds, scales and musics. This meant that the old songs of the band didn't really show what the band is nowadays, so they will change the name of their first demo for another one which still has to be decided. Moreover, the demo will be separated in two parts, a first one with "the old stuff" and a new one with "the new stuff". Unfortuately this means that it will be delayed, but we hope to be able to release it somewhen this year. So many changes in the band recently, too bad that they can't be shown yet to everybody.

Finally, the new album will be produced by our guitarist Jordi Bolibar and our mate from the scottish band Concept of Time, Scott McLean due to personal reasons. We feel this is the way it has to be, and we will have much more control on our future without depending on others. We have been waiting for this for too long, so we really need to release some stuff to promote ourselves. This doesn't mean the quality will be bad, we have been testing really nice sofware and we are sure the results won't disappoint anybody. We just hope this accelerates everything and we can release our long-awaited first album in the end. The new Karlahan album will be entitled "A Portrait of Life" and will be released somwhen this summer. No official release has been set yet, but as soon as things start to enclose it will be announced 

According to Karlahan !

Guillem Rejón - Guitars and Vocals
Xavi Diví - Lead Guitars
Sergi Nuez - Bass
Jordi Farré- Drums
A Portrait Of Life



   After almost eight years of deep silence , Norwegians pioneers of  Viking Metal ,"Einherjer" will release their new full - length album which is entitled  "Nørrøn"  . According to the media and press , this album shall contains emotional feelings of revenge . But in my opinion , the story will seems like the artwork . Rebirth from death or a big journey far beyond through Einherjer's melodies . 
The album was recorder at Borealis Studios and it was produced by Frode Glesnes [ Einherjer ] and mixed by Matt Hyde   [Slayer , Monster Magnet e.t.c ]The artwork is painted from Renathe H. Bryn . To close with it also I have to inform that in year 2004 , Einherjer fromation split-up after the release of  the epic album "Blot" [if you remember the legendary song Ironbound ] and they have been reformed again in 2008 and they took place at several major festival of  Europe.
More news coming up  ! Stay Folk !

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   So, Viktor [vocals] from the Epic band Brymir , told me his news about the band and the future of Brymir! At momment , Brymir are writing a new material for the upcoming album and in the next weeks they will start the recording of the new demos.The band all this time will be very busy and the record will be released during 2012-2013 via Spinefarm Records hopefully . 
   The corporation with Spinefarm goes well. As Viktor told me , they have been very supportive and flexible and they paid full for everything.
   To continue with the news of the upcoming album, Viktor says that will be heavier and more brutal! Last but not least we will have to wait until the album will be released or in the best way for us we can taste the new tracks from live recordings 
   We and of course I hope to have more news from Brymir , the sure is that we have to wait until 2013 for the new release...I have a taste that this one would be EPICLY HEAVIER as Viktor told me.
By then I hope for them the best! 
Folk On! 

Communicate with Brymir from the main site :




Brande-Hörnerkirchen - Hörnerfest
07.07.2011(GER)Burghausen - Burgfest
09.07.2011(GER)Ballenstedt - RockHarz Festival



Mülheim/Ruhr - Burgfolk Festival
Italy in September
Ukraine / Russia in September 2011
Latin America in October


9th October – Mexico – Mexico City – Venue TBA
11th October – Brazil – Curitiba – Venue: Blood Rock Bar
12th October -Brazil – São paulo – Venue: Blackmore rock bar
13th October – Argentina – Buenos Aires – Venue: Unione Benevolenza
14th October – Chile – City Santiago – Venue: Rock y Guitarras


                                    Select your own design from this link bellow :    


01/07/2011 EE - Vana-Vigala, Hard Rock Laager
16/07/2011 SI - Tolmin, Metal Camp
23/07/2011 FI - Helsinki, Tuska Open Air
30/07/2011 DE - Lörrach, Baden in Blut Festival
06/08/2011 DE - Wacken, Wacken Open Air
13/08/2011 FI - Honkala-Kotka, Dark River Festival
20/08/2011 DE - Dinkelsbühl, Summer Breeze Open Air
21/08/2011 FR - Theix, Motocultor Festival


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Link :

SVARTSOT Maledictus Eris

 3rd Album from the Danish Pagan Folk Metal Band. Denmark ravished by the Black Death.First Orders will 
receive a FREE Exclusive A 2 SVARTSOT Poster. With their latest album, Svartsot journeys to a 14th century Denmark ravished by the plague. The tracks on "Maledictus Eris" describe the fate of those confronted with the horrors of the Black Death. The Danish folk metal masters envelop these dark tales with sweeping mid-tempo rhythms that revel in appealing Nordic folk melodies. While the authentic folk instruments take center stage in this latest production, the band never loses sight of its metal roots. Lasse Lammert of LSD Studios ultimately makes sure that driving drums and heavy guitars effortlessly unite with the sound of flutes and bagpipes to achieve Svartsot's characteristic sound. As a result, melodic headbanging tracks such as "Dødedansen" an "Holdt ned af en Tjørn" will unquestionably find their place on the band's permanent setlist. The concept of "Maledictus Eris" ("Cursed Thou Shall Be") also flows over into the album's impressive artwork, as Gyula Havancsák (Tyr, Grave Digger,.) is able to masterfully capture the somber atmosphere. "Maledictus Eris" presents a more mature band and will not only appeal to fans of the genre, but rather convince others of its high standard. A history lesson like no other!

 Availability: Friday, 29 July 2011

Source :

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Building its legacy since 2002, Heidevolk from the Dutch province of Gelderland forges its very own brand of pagan folk metal. Characterized by dual clean male vocals, the band has an instantly recognizable sound that’ll take you back to the early medieval times of North-West Europe. Heidevolk stands for pure energy on stage, and has a unique combination of power and pride in its sound. Veterans of three European tours, Heidevolk has steadily yet firmly established its reputation as a dynamic live band throughout the continent.
In 2003 Heidevolk released its first CD, 'De strijdlust is geboren', followed by the 'Wodan Heerst' EP in 2005. Both releases were re-released on one CD by Napalm Records in 2008. The sophomore full-length CD 'Walhalla Wacht' (Napalm Records) also saw its worldwide release in 2008. With the new 2010 release ‘Uit oude grond’ (‘From old soil’), Heidevolk delivers its most varied release in terms of music and lyrical concepts to date. The new album differs from its predecessors due to its heavy and bombastic songs. The sound is more powerful and approaches the heavy electrifying atmosphere of Heidevolk's live performances. Because Heidevolk enjoyed more studio time for 'Uit oude grond', more attention could be spent on a broader choir-like singing. Folk instruments such as the violin and mandolin are abundantly present again.
Featuring 11 songs, ranging from epic to brutal, Heidevolk will take you on a journey through the history, mythology, folklore, and nature of their native Gelderland. Continuing in the vein of their previous releases, Heidevolk stays true to its musical and lingual roots while elaborating on its style.

Mark Splintervuyscht
Joris den Boghtdrincker
Reamon Bomenbreker
Sebas Bloeddorst
Rowan Roodbaert
Joost den Vellenknotscher

Het Gelders Volkslied, 2004
De Strijdlust Is Geboren, 2005
Wodan Heerst MCD, 2007
Walhalla Wacht, 2008
De Strijdlust is geboren - Re-release + MCD Wodan heerst, 2008 
Uit Oude Grond, 2010 



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27.05.2011 Metalfest, Switzerland
28.05.2011 Metalfest, Germany
29.05.2011 Metalfest, Austria
03.06.2011 Metalfest, Hungary
13.07.2011 Metalcamp, Slovenia
23.07.2011 Tuska, Finland
13.08.2011 Bloodstock, UK

Besides that, we'll be joining Finntroll, Turisas, Alestorm etc. on their HEIDENFEST tour ( ) as a Special Guest on the following dates:

30.09.2011 DE - Geiselwind, Music Hall
01.10.2011 DE - Gießen, Hessenhalle
02.10.2011 DE - Berlin, Postbahnhof

07.10.2011 DE - Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
08.10.2011 DE - Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle
09.10.2011 NL - Tilburg, 013


Confirmation just come from Sebastiaan [guitar] ! Interview coming up soon !!! Stay informed folks! 


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