Tuesday, July 19, 2011


1)First of all Roman thanks for your time!!!! Tell me the news of the Arafel :-) What are you doin' right now ?

 Roman : so
firs of all thank U!!!! and if im making some mistakes when im writing its becouse im abit drunk:) but its good for u cuz u can ask wharewer u want:)
in this time we taking some brake and resting abit with Israeli sun:)
some of us ofcourse
and some in Germany drinking beer,and prepering for the next gigs:)

2)Are you right now with an Arafel's member? So with my side I have to wish you a great summer :D

   Roman : No we are  living in different city's but we speaking on the phone every day:)

thanq and wish u Rocking summer too:)

Thanks a lot :-) ! So how Arafel started ? What is the Arafel's connection with Equilibrium ? You are friends from the past or just you coppurate each other ?

  Roman : OK ,so Arafel started with the drummer Leshiy,about 10 years ago,then Felius (the guitar player) joined the band so basicly this is the original Arafel from the start,then there was many mambers that was coming and going,i joined the band (by wikipedia)
in 2006 but i dont remember real year but i was about 19.Then in some month Nasha (the violin player ) come over
we did some gigs,and after year or something our singer and rythm guitar player left the band (they hade they own band) so we started to serch for new singer,our violin player knew Helge from some Festivals before
and she hade mail of Helge so felius contacted him and Helge was interested in our music.

3)Do you mean you had only to communicate with Helge and he accepted your invitation ??
  Roman : basicly yes,ofcourse we sended him some songs of ours to listen to and to get the idea of the band
and what we doing.

4)So good. Tell me a few words about your releases.

 Roman : We have three full albums and have been recorded in Poland .the last one witch my favorite and we all very proud of,is recorded also in poland with Helge we worked long time on this alboum the music done by Felius(gutarist).We worked at Gerz Studios!The people that they worked with us are 2 brothers Wojtek and Slawek they are master in what they doing they worked also with such bands like Behemoth,Crionic,Decapitated,Hate,Vader and many more!And we are proud of ourselfs!

5)That's also the next question I have to do !!! Your last album was a masterpiece! So great songs ! Hard work ! What reviews took from Europe .
 Roman : People love it:) we took 9 from 10 almost in every review that we cheked:)ofcourse in Europe we are new band but just give us some time and we'll show u stuff that u cant imagine too ur self. Also we didn't play a lot of shows,so every show of us its better and better [paganfest,ragnarock,metalfest] It was new for us . So we did as best as we can new becoming band in Europe.

6)You answered at a way for the next question. About your live shows! As I can see you have played in major Europian stages! That makes the band more and more well known . Right ?
  Roman : yes ofcourse,!!!!!every day more and more ppl get to know us,and asking to come to different countrys and play show,and also as u can see we love it my personal facebook is open to every one as well as the rest members,add us add Arafel page and also if we not playing u can chat with us and ask everything about the band and etc.Also Aarafel after each show coming to the crowd and chating to ppl we love it,the same way that they love us. we doing our best that ppl will enjoy and have fun at the show

7)That's the meaning! In this way everyone will love you !! And that's the best! That the crowd loves you! How difficult is to make a band in Israel ? As I know things are hard there from goverments side...Also I have read somewhere , your opinion about the hatered of  some people to your nation. I read that you as Arafel play music in order to explain your feelings and to give a big example of music that unites the nation ! Your personal opinion of the topic , wich is ?

 Roman : ok ,i can tell u that 4 of the members coming from soviet union some from Ukraine some from Russia some from Uzbekistan and we all meet in israel in some point and as u know Helge from Germany (im dying for this country best country in the world) ,so music dont have colour only BLACK metal heheheheeh but still its music there is no nation also music unite different ppl and i saw it with my eyes. As far people enjoyng it and not making "ah this band is this and this band is this" Our point is enjoy us we do,and dont give a fuck about politics and rest of shit . Leave the politic to politshens.

8) Really great your word!!!!!! I totally agree with you ! Hope you haven't received any negative review for this in the rest Europe!

 Roman : hhhhh,i say "MUSIC IS MY BUSSINESS" live the rest for the other people.

9)Indeed :-) You are right! So explain me something cheerfull hahaha ! What actually Arafel means ? :-)

  Roman : ok Arafel in hebrew mean fog!!

10) Ok, we have done with this...Hmmm any thoughts of a new release ?

  Roman : yes ofcourse:)!!!!!!hahahaha but I cant say nothing ,but it will be somethin really special:) trust me its something that ppl didnt hear before.

11)So brother I have a few more questions just to close with this interview. I live in Greece and your name have been heared to the little folk metal communion very times! If it was on your hand would you like to visit us dew to a festival or a simple show or as support with another band ? :-)

  Roman :yes ofcourse,i also have some projects,some band from Greece contacted me i will not tell the name cuz its too soon,but maybe in some motnh ill play some shows in Greece with that band and hoppe to see u there and bang ur head with me:) and ofcourse drink some beer:)!

12) Any live show in the future?
  Roman : yes we hope to play at Israel we didnt play about 3 years here

13) Thank you for your great interview , anything last you want to say to the fans/readers ? :-)

  Roman :         to fans from me (Romashka) make sex use condomse and enjoy ur life with out u we nothing!!!!!!!!! be ur self cuz it all FUCKING ROCK'N'ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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