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Frosttide - Our Journey Review

 Frosttide. A new band right from the frozen landscapes of Finland. A band that has done a great work so far with 2 EP releases . Dawn of Forst (2010) and Our Journey (2012) .
It is clear that nowadays is such a difficult task to create a good produced music because of the low budget that most of the new bands have, but in the case of Frosttide this fact doesn't really matter .
The quality of this band is an evidence of a great and hard work and most of all , a passionate work .
If you love the music that you play then you play it good. 

So, Frosttide's new EP "Our Journey" is out now from 12th of September via..themselves. Frosttide is a self-released band and this is an even most difficult task. This EP contains 5 tracks and the total length is 26 minutes almost.

The tracks of this EP are : 
1.Enemy Is Back
2.Carefree Village
3.Face Your Demons
5.No Turning Back

In first taste you can face the better mixing from the last EP (Dawn Of Frost) , clear-played melodies on guitar that reminds you a good combination of Ensiferum , early-Wintersun and of course the Frosttide's I.D of their music. 

enemy is back : enemy is back and frosttide are back. Really fast tempo and melodic towards. The shorter track of the EP but still epic as f**ck!

carefree village : while I was listening on this track , I started headbang my head as I was sitting on my chair. This song gives you the emotion of a fast melodic folk album . This song made me to understand that vocals on this EP are even better and well recorded than the first EP. Melodies that reminds Ensiferum from the Victory Songs album.

face your demons : while I was listening to this song for first time , I imagined the scene on live...Such a great song, 100% folk metal and has nothing to miss from "big" bands of the genre. Simply amazing and for me is the best track of the album.

assault : a bit different from the other songs , more melodic with "deep" keyboard recording and more technical guitars.If you like fast tempos with fast guitars,then this is your song.

no turning back : The bigger in length song of this EP. No Turning Back is the highlight of the EP (but not the best song as the best song for me is the "face your demons") . Again combines fast melodies with epic-melodic elements . I hope this song opens a new chapter for the upcoming releases. To be honest I was waiting so much for a long track from Frosttide, and "voilá" here it is!

As I said before this band is an indipendent - one in a world that in order to survive you have to be mainstream all the time and to deal with big companies and publishers. Those guys are believing really in elements that they play to. I hope you will like this EP and that you will expecting for something new after that. Many people are asking why they have not released a full-length album. The answer in my opinion is that as indipendent you can't do such a "huge ammount of work" . I trust them and I think that this move with EP's is great because they are introducing their face in the metal scene. For me Frosttide have the potential to continue moreover on metal music scene and to be the new blood of metal in general. They are passionate as hell and they deserve all the best from now and on.

POINTS : 9/10

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