Sunday, November 4, 2012

Enslave - Riitiir Review


Enslaved. Pioneers of black,viking metal. Great releases.  A great backstage .
Riitiir is the name of the new release and contains 8 songs + 1 (which is a part of the limited edition).
Before a year I had the chance to talk with the drummer of Enslaved "Cato Bekkevold". You can find the interview  
here . 

He admitted that the album will contain fresh material and will be innovative ,because this is indeed what Enslaved wants to offer with their music. Something new - fresh and innovative. 
This is it. Riitiir is a new , fresh and innovative masterpiecce. There's no combination with the last releases. Riitiir is more progressive than the other albums . Progressive may not be good all the time , in case of a band with a black metal background, and this was the fact that worried me a lot. Of course the black metal element is clear-glanced , but there's a balance between the extreme and the harmonic (and I think Enslaved are the only who can manage that definition well enough , with Borknagar). 

To conculde with , don't be afraid with the fact that  Enslaved from a black/viking meta band had turned into an extreme/progressive. The result is always  good. And the elements are still untouched.

Another thing that made me wonder about  this album was the cover art. You can see hands that they look like a tree.  Really impresive and innovative. And this one is my favourite Enslaved's cover artwork. Simple with meaning . (This is my cup of tea)

I liked a lot this album, in a way that I can not choose which was the worst or the best song. This album is a definition of great work. Enslaved are strong and ready for more things. Expect from 'em.

POINTS : 8/10

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