Thursday, July 14, 2011


   So, Viktor [vocals] from the Epic band Brymir , told me his news about the band and the future of Brymir! At momment , Brymir are writing a new material for the upcoming album and in the next weeks they will start the recording of the new demos.The band all this time will be very busy and the record will be released during 2012-2013 via Spinefarm Records hopefully . 
   The corporation with Spinefarm goes well. As Viktor told me , they have been very supportive and flexible and they paid full for everything.
   To continue with the news of the upcoming album, Viktor says that will be heavier and more brutal! Last but not least we will have to wait until the album will be released or in the best way for us we can taste the new tracks from live recordings 
   We and of course I hope to have more news from Brymir , the sure is that we have to wait until 2013 for the new release...I have a taste that this one would be EPICLY HEAVIER as Viktor told me.
By then I hope for them the best! 
Folk On! 

Communicate with Brymir from the main site :

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