Saturday, July 16, 2011



   After almost eight years of deep silence , Norwegians pioneers of  Viking Metal ,"Einherjer" will release their new full - length album which is entitled  "Nørrøn"  . According to the media and press , this album shall contains emotional feelings of revenge . But in my opinion , the story will seems like the artwork . Rebirth from death or a big journey far beyond through Einherjer's melodies . 
The album was recorder at Borealis Studios and it was produced by Frode Glesnes [ Einherjer ] and mixed by Matt Hyde   [Slayer , Monster Magnet e.t.c ]The artwork is painted from Renathe H. Bryn . To close with it also I have to inform that in year 2004 , Einherjer fromation split-up after the release of  the epic album "Blot" [if you remember the legendary song Ironbound ] and they have been reformed again in 2008 and they took place at several major festival of  Europe.
More news coming up  ! Stay Folk !

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