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Here you can read the important interview from the frontman of the Russian Melodic Death Metal band "Elzevir" . Prepare for a great change of feelings! Things that you don't know about Elzevir shall be known from this interview !!! 

1)Hello Alex! Tell me about the new release of Elzevir and about the new of your band!

1. Yeah hello Paul!
Elzevir's new album is called "Rise From Knees". It was recorded in 2009-2010 and released only in 2011. It's hardly symphonic melodic and really epic metal album. So check this out =)

And new about a band... Well we haven't updated our myspace and facebook page since 2010 and thats funny but...
band doesn't exist anymore. To be honest it happened after recording album. Yeah! In jan-fab of 2010.
The reason - guys in a band are toooo different. All goals, feelings and dreams were really differ. This led to conflicts and worsening of mood.
Personally for me all this shit became a huge stumbling block and lost of inspiration. I wanted to play music instead of stupid showdowns on rehearsals.
I was really depressed... So I quited the band leaving them with all the written music and have started process of regeneration in my solo studio project Enimor.

And then the band began to self-destruct. So in a month or two they split up.
My friend and guitarist in Elzevir Oleg had tried to continue with Elzevir but it was not successful... So band doesn't exist. That's news about Elzevir =)

2)How the band formed?

2. I decided to form a band in March of 2007 or smth like that. It called Hogwarts and we played more folkish metal with lyrics about Harry Potter and all this magic stuff.
Process of searching musicians was long.

So in a 2007 band was:
Alex Louder - vocals, rhythm guitar, music
Eugene - lead guitar.
Andrew Morgunov (Gudrone) - bass
Ilia and Mary - Keys
Ran- drums

And in december 2007 - february 2008 we had 3 or 4 gigs.
At the same time I was recording demo album with Eugene and Gudrone. Than in march Ann replaced Mary. and Serge Korchagin(Ivor) replaced Ran on a drums.

Than in May 2008 til may 2009 I was in army. For this moment I asked my friend Oleg to play rhythm guitar and Gudrone to sing.
After my return I realized that Oleg is a really cool dude - so I started just sing.
And than we changed Hogwarts name on Elzevir because all this Harry Potter theme were too narrow for lyrics.
Then Kolyan replaced Eugene on Lead guitar. And we began to record "Rise from Knees" in august of 2009.

So Elzevir is:
Alex Louder - vocals, music
Oleg Ledvich - rhythm guitar
Andrew Morgunow - bass
Kolyan Dmitriev - lead guitar
Ilia and Ann - keys
Sergei Korchagin - drums

3)What is your opinion about your new release ?

3. Well I think that "Rise from knees" is a good album. We all did a good job and I'm happy that this album is out. Even it happend after band collapse.
I would like to thank Alexander Pankratov for great job at studio.

4)What "Elzevir" means ? 

4. Hmmm what Elzevir means... It's a difficult question. Oleg find this name, it sounded cool. So we decided to take that name instead of Hogwarts. But if you try to google it you will find that Elzevir is a family of Dutch booksellers and printers in 17-18 century.
So our album "Rise From Knees" is kinda book. The End of our band's story and beginning of new life.

5)Which is your lyricall and musicall inspiration ? 

5. Oh thank you Paul! I've waited for this question to be honest =)
Inspiration in music and lyrics is very very important! And it can be anything - nature, morning sun, rain (of that day =)), people relationships, smoking and alcohol, films, cartoons and everything that surrounds us in a life.
It's like signes and signals. Music flows in air. You breath it. You live in it. And you love it. For me music is not just combination of notes. It's feelings and experiences. It changes your life and develops imagination.
Music is like sound photo that captures YOU in time.

6)Were people can find your music ? 

6. You can find it in internet. Torrents and lots of sites.
Oh yeah=) By the way we get signed with small russian metal label "Metal Renaissance". So in Russia and some other countries you can buy a CD. If you are representing a label and want to sell "Rise from Knees" in your country please write to metalrenaissance@rambler.ru

7) Any last thing you want to say to the fans/readers/views ?

7.  Thank you guys for interested in our band. If you want to talk with me feel free to mail me Alex_louder@mail.ru or just add at

and a little bit of selfcommercial:)
I've started new band called Burning Edge. It's symphonic epic melodeath metal. Album out soon and blah blah) So stay in touch.

Alex really good news :-) Hope the best from my heart!!!!!!! And thanks a lot about the interview! Hope you all the best!!!!!!! Waiting for your new melodies! Cheers :-) !


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