Saturday, July 30, 2011


1) Tell me the news of Enslaved! How the band goes ?

Bekkis - Well I will say. Ivar have written some new songs and they sound promising. Apart from that we will play several festivals during the summer, and then a new US-tour during the fal

2)What reviews had your upcoming E.P ?

Bekkis - Havent read too many actually, but the ones I have read have been positive

3)As you said you will play a couple shows during the summer and a U.S tour , appart from that any tour at winter or in 2012 ?

Bekkis - Working on it, but nothing have been set yet.

4)New album release or something like that ?

Bekkis - Maybe in a years time . But nothing set yet.

5) But if you can , describe the new stuff with three words...for the fans of yours .

Bekkis - Innovative , fresh and exciting .

6)As you said fresh , that one will reminds other releases or it would be a new stuff on your discography ?

Bekkis - We always try to never copy ourself, so a fresh attitude yes.

7) As I am from Greece,and here there are a lot of Enslaved's fans , have you ever noticed to play a couple of shows here ?

Bekkis - We've tried to do some festivals in Greece, but the organizers have not done their job.For instance getting us planetickets, so unfortunately we were not able to do the gigs
We are not to blame though.

8) So I am out of questions , any last thing you want to say to your fans ?

Bekkis - Thanx for checking out Enslaved, we will continue to release albums
hopefully og high quality.

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