Saturday, July 16, 2011



 Arkona's statement : Arkona will play in Romania at the Transylvanian Rockmaraton on the 9th of july, this Saturday. See more infos about the festival on! We planned 2 more gigs in Bucharest and Cluj Napoca after the festival, to play finally more shows in Romania. The promoter of the Bucharest / Cluj Napoca gigs, a guy called Alex / Metal Maniac Agency dissapeared 3 weeks before the show without signing the contracts, providing the agreed conditions, especially the invitations what we need to get into Romania. He also did not booked the venues, or did any promotion about the agreed shows. Thanks to the serious promoters of the Transylvanian Rockmaraton gig, at least we were able to keep the show on that festival. We are very sorry about that instead of the planned small mini tour in Romania we will play only 1 show, but we hope to meet you there! People from all Romania are welcome on the festival!

 Also you can pre-order the new forthcoming album of Arkona which is entitled "Slovo" from the official site of the band  [ ]  . This album will be released via Napalm Records .

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