Saturday, May 21, 2011


According to Sami : Hi folks! Time flies when you have fun! And thats what this tour has been, fun! Great travel party, incredible gigs and its been so awesome to meet people after the show at merch desk! Would be cool to be able to do it also on headlining tours. Anyway, my ankle is a bit better. Its still big and it hurts time to time but finally i can move on stage! What a relief! We are in weird situation (in a good way) with the next album or should i say albumS because we seem to have raw material for two albums, both 100% Ensiferum but both are gonna be different from each other. We just have to decide in which order we record and release them. We are SO excited!! Have a great weekend! :) 

Also from the live report from Athens , Mahi [aka.Markus Toivonen] says that they have to collect the material about the new DVD and they believe that will take work until 2013 ! So, the "fresh" will be the new CD[s]. Hope Ensiferum will give to us a taste of burning !IRON! once again ! More news coming up! Stay informed Folks!!!!!!!!:-)


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