Wednesday, June 15, 2011



Alex Louder (vocals ,music, texts);
Orim (keys);
Anna (keys);
WarhearT (solo-guitar);
Oleg (rhytm-guitar);
GuDrone (bass );
Iwor (drums );
 OK to start with it I have to say that this is a new band on the genre coming from Russia! . Elzevir plays Symphonic Metal . The new album which called "Rise From Knees" is pretty good and the mixing/recording is too professional and this is a plus key of the succes!!! The tracks entitled are : 1) We Must Win 2)Firebirth 3)Mind Eclipse 4)Insanity 5)Red20 6)Rain Of That Day 7)Forgive Me 8)Like Immortal 9)Our Simple Plan 10)Dragon Catcher 11)My Hope   !!! You can find Elzevir on the official facebook page  and you can pre-order the album ...and believe me...this one really WORTHS!!! Have a great day folks!


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