Friday, September 2, 2011


STUDIOBLOG: Drums, Part 1

So I suppose it’s time to check in here and do the honors of writing the first post! We’re about to start day 2, and so far the sessions going very well. Even though it did take about 3 hours to get the bassdrum sound just right for Tommy. However, as of now the drums sound incredible, and we are done with the first three tracks. There’s Red Bull and Coffee for breakfast, and once Tommy’s properly awake we should be ready to kick some more ass today.
For those interested: This time I’m recording on a Bubinga drumkit Tama has generously provided, with a very basic setup including 22″x20″ Kickdrum, 10″x08″ & 12″x09″ Toms, a 16″x16″ Floortom and a 13″x6.0″ Snaredrum. Cymbals are of course Zildjians (Mainly A Custom, but also my Favourite 21″ K Custom Crashride and 13″ K Custom secondary hats), and I’m beating the s**t out of everything with the best drumsticks in the world made by Vic Firth, breaking Drumheads made by Evans (G2 Clear on toms, Emad2 Clear on kickdrum, and Power Center on snare).

Enough talking for now though, after all we’re here to record an album!
- Merlin

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