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Joni Snoro (vocals, guitar)
Juho Patinen (guitar)
Joonas Nislin (drums)
Lise Richardson (keyboards)
Jaakko Halfbjörn (bass)

REGION :  Jyväskylä, Finland

GENRE :  Epic Folk Metal

Talking with Joni Snoro!
  - Hello Joni, what the band does right now?
Joni : At the moment im writing new songs and after that we practice them whit band and hopefully in this year we can record them whit real studio quality!
  -Tell me about the history of the band .
Joni : I created this band in year 2009. In that year i just wrote songs and then i asked Joonas to join my project. Then we play my songs i played guitar, Joonas drums and one guy bass and one guy other guitar. Then i asked Juho to join that project. After that i create band name "Frosttide" and i created that logo too! After that we practice more my songs and add Lise to play keyboards and Tuukka to play bass. now we got new basist called Jaakko! 
- What about your influences ?
 Joni :  I write songs, play guitar and do vocals! Nothing else to say =D
-Tell me a few words for the members of the band.
Joni : There is Drummer Joonas, Guitar player Juho who write some songs too, Keyboard player Lise and Basist Jaakko! They are talented young people!
- Have you got any other release except the masterpiece EP of "Dawn Of Frost" ?
Joni : Dawn of Frost EP is our first recording. In that EP there is songs what i wrote before i asked Joonas to play drums to Frosttide. So before Juho we got these song but when Juho join to Frosttide he write song called Unforgettable Journey and we add that song to our EP and thats it! That EP is our Dawn so thats why it's called "Dawn of Frost" and intro songs is called "Dawn".
- Is your band signed on a label ?
Joni : At the moment we are unsigned band and thats why its quite hard to record songs whit real studio quality and get gigs! Its hard to be underground band in Finland =D
- What about your new material?
Joni : Im writing new songs whit Juho's help and hopefully we can record them in this year by using real studio quality! Its gonna be kick ass stuff nothing else to say!
 - I hope the same dude!!!!  Well now I have to ask about Finland. Metal music in Finland is something like an rare export or it is similar like religion?
 Joni : I can say that Finland is land of heavy metal so metal music is popular here. So if you walk streets of Finland you can see many metal heads! Many band comes from Finland like Ensiferum, Finntroll, Turisas, Korpiklaani, Wintersun, Amorphis, Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Children of Bodom Kalmah etc!
- Have you take part on a festival before?
Joni : Not yet! Last summer we got one gig in Finland where was little Finnish bands but that's not a Festival =D  
- What about Nummirock Festival? How does this begun?
Joni : Nummirock is Finnish metal festival. Last year there was Finntroll, Korpiklaani, Thyrfing, Dark Tranquillity, Sepultura, Venom, Sonata Arctica etc. And now they made contest where 8 best bands get gig in Nummirock and we hope that folks give us many stars and we can get gig there ^^
- Well , I think we have done with this!!! Anything last you want to say to the folks??? :-) 
Joni : Thanks for these questions. It was pleasure answer to them! I wish you all best and readers too! Join to Frosttide's Facebook artist profile and its more easyer to follow us! Stay metal \m/ -Joni- 

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Also remind " "Frosttide need your votes! Scroll down, connect whit facebook and give us 5 stars! After that share it and tell that everyone give us 5 stars too and we can get gig in Nummirock!   "


  1. \m/! Good Interview Frosttide!

    Respects from Folk Metal India

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