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Ok, first of all I want to thanks Lian for sending me a copy of this album! I really appreciate this gift and by the way I had to "take a taste" of this new album! 
So, I was listening the new album of Tersivel and I have to say that those Argentian guys , really folks! The ambient of the music is extemely glorious and it makes you the "sense of the battlefield". They have also put and some really folk instruments in their music! From the first song you will understand the folk spirit of the album as the swords are being raised in the sky and the shields are shined! About the ambient, I have to say that the instrumental part of the songs and of course the (And Fires Also Died Away) , makes to you a sense of a european battle (in the middle of Germany perhaps!) . This is a new masterpiece from this land which is famous about the football , traditional music and unfortunately for the corruption of the politics during 2000. I suggest you to take a listen to these guys 'cause they  really deserve it ! Also don't forget about the interview of Tersivel! 
Tracklist : 01 - For One Pagan Brotherhood
02 - As Brothers we Shall Fight
03 - The Heathen Sun of Revenge
04 - Far Away in the Distant Skies
05 - High Germany - The Erin's Jig
06 - And Fires also Die Away
07 - Those Days Are Gone
08 - Tarantella Siciliana
09 - We are the Fading Sun
10 - Aeolian Islands
11 - Cosa Nostra
12 - Pagan Nation

Rate :  9/10
Favourite Tracks : Everything but mostly the (Those Days Are Gone).

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"Three things from which never to be moved : one's oath; one's Gods; and the truth..."

Look forward for the interview with Lian Gerbino !

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  1. Try also the bands Skiltron and Triddana, from the same city than Tersivel.


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