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1) Hello Tersivel! Pleasure to talk with you! Tell me some news of the band!

Lian Gerbino: Hi Paul, thanks!
Well, as you know, we have released our new album, For One Pagan Brotherhood and we started to promote it. We are playing live in our country, we'll have a very cool gig opening for your country-mates Finntroll on 7th May here in Buenos Aires, also we are finishing details for shooting a video for our song Pagan Nation.

Nicolas Närgrath: We were working a lot on our live shows 'cause we wanted to do something fresh and aggressive but keeping our folk side intact, so we are very happy with the result. Also we are aiming to our first Euro-tour, so more details about it will follow. 

2)Well, tell me about the history of the band!

Lian Gerbino: we formed the band back in 2006. After many member changes, finally Tersivel is Lian Gerbino on Vocals/Guitars/Bass, Nicolas Närgrath on Vocals/Guitars, Franco Robert on Keyboards and Hernan Martiarena on Drums.
From the very beginning we aimed to play live, to take our music and play it in every corner of the world. Sadly, this is not the goal for the most of the musicians of our country, so it was very difficult to take our songs and make a big tour in the past. Well, that's history, and we have now the best formation ever! So we are so happy and very exited about the future.   

Nicolas Närgrath:
Musically,  we went from Power Metal to Black Metal trying to find our sound. The real change came when we started to learn more about our European heritage. Lian & Franco came from Italian families and I came from a German family. So once we agreed on work together in something about our families culture, we felt so happy, and after 2 years of hard work, we released the EP Far Away In The Distant Skies, and 1 year after, we are presenting a whole new album, For One Pagan Brotherhood.

3) Tell about the main influences and the inspirations of the lyrics!

Lian Gerbino:  Well, Basically, lyrics are about paganism, heroic wars and ancient history. This album (For One Pagan Brotherhood) is about a history-fantasy time, so there are many historical facts like the world invasion by the Christians over the Pagan world, from 300 AD to 1000 AD, many quotes from pre-Christian times about science lost, astrological dates, and so on. And also, many fantasy sections to make the story more attractive,  to focus on specific stuff like ancient valour, bravery and wisdom.

4) what "Tersivel" actually means?

Lian Gerbino:  Tersivel is the word for Gathering. The word Tersivel was created in the context of the book I'm writing. Is the name used for "the gathering of different pagan civilizations united against Christianity"

5) Have you organized a concert or something like that in the future?

Hernan Martiarena:  Now we are playing a lot and also we are planning our first Euro-tour, and here's the hot new, I will share with you the name of our tour: EUROPAGAN BROTHERHOOD TOUR 2011, we are so exited about it, it will be awesome to play in front of such audience, very experimented about metal, specially, folk metal music. We are so happy for having a chance to show our strength on stage!

6) Tell me a few things about "For one pagan brotherhood"

Lian Gerbino:  This is a great album for us, we composed exactly what we like to listen to. From my point of view, it's not a boring album 'cause it was composed to keep you listening, like a good movie or a good book. We learnt a lot about folk music and tried to came up with something new and fresh to the style. You will find not only extreme songs but folkish stuff, ballads and more.

Nicolas Närgrath: From my point of view, FOPB is a very intense album but here and there you have time to sitting back and breathe. Extreme and melodic, aggressive but sweet at the same time, just like a shot of Jägermeister!

7) Where people can find your music?

Tersivel: These are our official links at the moment: (from 1º April)

8) Anything last you want to say to the fans / readers ? :-):-)

Tersivel: Thanks you Paul, for making this interview and also thanks to all fans in every corner of this world.
Hope to see you all on the road soon or later!

How many years you play guitar? (Steve's question)

Hi Steve,
I've been playing guitar since 1998, but I did not take it serious until 2000-2001.
when I really decided to play guitar, I spent between 6-8 hours a day, practising and learning new stuff.
to be honest with you, there's no secret about guitar playing. everybody can play, everybody who takes study and practising seriously.
Are you playing? please, feel free to add me on facebook if you need any help or feedback.
wish the best of luck, take care,

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