Sunday, August 14, 2011


1) Hello there Kirril! Thanks for your time . Tell me the news of Last Wail !

News - we are recording new track (it`s titled - Blood rivers for the Countess). It`s about Elizabeth Bathory - blood,
virgins - you know :) + we are prepairing to the record of our second album. Our vocalist in the California now, so
we have a rest.

2)How Last Wail formed ? Tell me the history of the band!

-Last Wail band was formed in the end of 2008. Our first show was in spring 2009. Typical history - composer (i - in our case)
loved music and decided to try to make something too. All musicians were founded and we began to work. Of course were problems,
but now (i think :) everythings good. We tried to play with bagpipe, flute, but .. you know - it`s difficuilt when there are
a lot of man in the band. But i play whistle somethimes, and - may be i`ll play on concerts too.Only Goods know what wiil be.
In 2010 we`ve signed to the label and in 2011, 1st jule - we have release. Lazar (arkona) mixed that, and we like how it`s sound.

3)What about your records?

-Nowadays we have a demo and 1 album. So distinctions - demo - sound sucks, not "true" violas, flutes. + some riffs are different fromour album.
We have 12 tracks, prepaired to rec, so - its be cool album, we can`t wait for this.

4)Tell me about your inspirations 

-Ensiferum, Equilibrium, Finntroll . Bands that play not fashionable music (alternative etc) - it`s our inspiration.

5)Any show you have already lined up ?.

- So, how i said - our vocalist in USA and we not play on shows now, but to autumn we are prepairing somethin.

6)Tell me your future plans !

 - We want to play in Europe. It`s difficuilt to get there, but we`ll try. Just Wait for 2nd album, - you`ll like it.

7)Thank you for your time. Anything last you want to say to the readers ?

-Don`t give up!

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