Saturday, August 13, 2011


  1)Hello Johannes glad to talk with you . Tell me the news of Tulikirnu.


Thanks a lot for this opportunity. I´m working with the new song. Its atmosphere is a sort of combination of my two previous songs ( Path & Sword).

This song seeks to create a vivid cinematic feeling.

I also working with new material which is more brutal and fast.

I think these were the news in brief from Tulikirnu...

2)How you decided to create this project ?

I have dreamed of composing really epic metal music that is heavily based on orchestrations since I was a teenager.

I started with playing the drums and carried on with the guitar and piano. The years passed and my musical interests were pressed in the background.
Later I started actively to train guitar-playing and musical theory. Pieces of songs started to compile in my computer and now it's time to harvest
and transform them into songs. In 2010, I began co-operation with Sami Boman to produce high quality orchestrations. The co-operation worked just fine,
Sami worked out beautiful orchestrations from my midi-chaos and finally we were so satisfied that we could go to the studio for recording for the first
time in my life.Our co-opearation continues. Also in 2010, Dr H.T. and me started our collaboration with lyrics.

3)Are thinging about get signed on a record label or you would like to go ahead as independent ?

This is good question!

It´s really expensive to do even one song with a high quality, so getting external funding is naturally attractive.
But on the other hand, the external funding would probably bring tight schedules with it and that is not so good thing for me or the quality of songs.

4)Ok I found on the internet one song of your project "Path " . There are and other tracks that are not uploaded yet?

Yes, there is one song called Sword, you can find it or Tulikirnu Facebook

5)Tell me about your main influenced and the lyricall inspiration of your music!
My basic principle has always been that lyrics need to serve the musical solutions. Still, I invest a lot of time and effort in developing a narrative

vision for each of my songs. I give this vision to Dr H.T. and he works out the final lyrics.
He likes to use descriptive words to paint a graphic picture of the story of the song and the mental world of its main character.
To finish the song, I do the arrangements.

6)And what about your guitars ? Are so perfect and in my opinion the best design for a folk metal band. Are incredible!
I have always appreciated craftmanship and design and at last I found a guitar-maker (Amfisound) that was both able and willing to deliver

exactly what I want.

7)Were readers/fans/people can find your music ?
and Tulikirnu Facebook

8)I believe we have to close with this Anything special that would you like to say ?
Thanks a lot Johannes!!

Be patient and stay tuned. I prepare new material all the time. Since I am highly ambitious, it takes time :) Still, one day there will be
enough "hot" material for a live performance!

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